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maandag 5 mei 2008

Hijos de Vicente Tatay

A factory made guitar from Hijos de Vicente Tatay from which
a lot of examples must have been made. The same models were
delivered to the Ramirez company in Madrid. Those guitars can
be recognized having a dark blue label. As one of the former
employees told that apart from the whole bunch of guitars from 
Valencia some bags of rice were delivered as well as there
was shortage of about everything after the civil war and the
second world war. In order to make a decent instrument of it 
I was forced to  redress the frets which were made out of copper
and showed file traces as was common on these student guitars.
The next move is to remove the ugly varnish on the fingerboard.
Now it looks fresh again and feels better though not entirely
original. The insert in the ladder braced soundboard is in fact
exactly in the seam of the two halves. Not even centered.
Another thing to be done was to reshape the roughly
modelled bridge as it came off allready and I wanted to lower
it in order to study the effect of it.

This picture shows us the walnut wood used for back and
sides. The crack in the lower left corner will be repaired
in the near future. No problem fixing that. As for the insert
in the soundboard: It can be brought back into the color of
the surrounding wood with a water based stain.

Shown here is the typical construction found in Valencia
of the neck to body. The lighter wood is the wittnes of it.

The rosette exist of simple concentric circles and some
"higher end"  models show a slightly more decorated one
but the rest of those guitars in fact show the same mediocre
materials. That these guitars sound pretty good has a lot
to do with the resin in the wood that in fact cristallizes over
time and makes the top even more vibrant.
The typical label of the fifties can be studied here.

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